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About us :

In Over two decades of designing and Architectural drafting, WE mastered the skills of understanding of CLIENTS design and concept. The assurance that THE DRAFTER always stands and is guaranteed.  We specialize in a wide range of home and commercial improvements in drafting plans. We treat clients with wonderful services, One of the best things we offer is we keep you updated by sending you PDF files of your plans and design through email that you can save for printing or references. We also provide CAD files for editing of design and drawings for other purposes. Hiring a drafter like us will save you more.

How it work?

Provide us your sketches with estimated measurements, Pictures, or photos of your design concept. For house remodeling and addition we need an existing floor plan if available ( You may get copies from your city or municipality building department ). Or hire someone to measure the existing structure.​ In some cases, we can assist you in finding the right person to do measurements of all existing properties or homes.

NOTES:  The City Planning and building officials require you

to submit the following documents/plans for building 

permit application: PLOT PLAN / SITE PLANS,  EXISTING 

FLOOR PLANS,  AND THE PROPOSEd FLOOR PLANS, EXTERIOR ELEVATION, CROSS SECTION, ETC. These are the common requirements for Remodeling, Alteration, and House addition or extension  and for the Accessory Dwelling Unit

For a new house, Just provide us with how much square footage or square meters you need, How many rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and your concept. For multiple-storey buildings, just provide us with your concept and we will do the rest for you.

How much it cost you?

We can not provide specific costing for the drafting services the only assurance is that THE DRAFTER is much less expensive and affordable. 


Do you provide International delivery?

We provide internantional delivery, but client must pay the shipping and handling.

How do I return an item?

Since the the documents ( Plans ) was sent thru email it is imposible to get it back to THE DRAFTER. No return.

What is your returns policy?
IT might be cancel before it"s started the drafting by THE DRAFTER . 
How do I track my order?


Because of Internet magic,We always updates you the progress

of work thru email with PDF files that is ready for printing. Drafting takes time base on complexity of design and drawing.

How can I contact your couriers?


We provide you tracking number and couriers contact information.

What are your delivery options?


PDF files that ready for printing is the best and fastest way for delivery and are ready to print to legal documents. You can print the files at your local printing shop  e.g. Fedex/Kinkos, Staples, office depot, Etc.


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